FREE Ebook: Immediate Benefits of Being a Zero Waste Company

Have you considered changing your company into a Zero Waste Company, but haven’t thought in depth about what it could actually do for you and your company? Now’s the time to switch because of the immediate benefits it will do not only for you and your company, but especially the environment.

FREE Ebook: Things You Should Be Doing to Green Your Business

In Johns’ new eBook, we provide you with the latest and most effective ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. These practices are free of cost and will actually save you money!

How Do I Set Up a Trash & Recycling Service for My Business?

If you own or operate a business, then you know how important it is to contract with a reliable trash and recycling service. Because your business produces waste every single day, you need to know that the trash pickup will occur when scheduled so your business does not become overwhelmed. Here’s a look at how…

5 Simple Ways to More Effectively Recycle at the Workplace

There are many facets of working in an office that produce an excess amount of waste. Every document that is needlessly printed is a waste.

Tips & Tricks for Disposing or Recycling of Metal Waste

If you operate a business that deals with metal, then you know you simply can’t toss it in the trash and send it off the landfill.

Is What I’m Recycling Actually Getting Recycled?

Like any environmentally conscious person, you dutifully separate your papers and your plastics, and leave your recycling at the curb for garbage pickup every week, and you just assume that the environmental waste makes its way to the recycling facility, where everything is green, birds are singing, and the wheels of the recycling machine spin…

What is Principal Recyclable Material”?”

A principal recyclable material is the waste material that is found in the largest quantity in a property or company waste stream. It is usually assessed in terms of weight. This waste varies by business type; for instance, in an office, the principle recyclable material is paper while in a food service environment and retail…

Tips & Tricks for Approaching Construction Waste Removal in CT

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is an old adage that more and more businesses are learning to adopt and appreciate. The benefits a business gains from recycling has more than just an environmental impact. They also benefit financially.

Saving Money with Construction Site Trash Disposal & Recycling in CT

It costs money to properly dispose of construction waste, since approximately 6lbs/sq ft of waste is generated in every construction site. To reduce this cost, a construction company must employ certain trash disposal and recycling practices that will significantly reduce the amount of waste generated in every square foot of the construction site.

How to Save More Money on Your Commercial Trash Disposal in CT

If you own a business, then you know that every single expense you pay takes away from your profit. While certain costs, such as salaried employees are basically fixed, other costs, such as trash removal, are not.