How Do I Set Up a Trash & Recycling Service for My Business?

How Do I Set Up a Trash & Recycling Service for My Business?

If you own or operate a business, then you know how important it is to contract with a reliable trash and recycling service. Because your business produces waste every single day, you need to know that the trash pickup will occur when scheduled so your business does not become overwhelmed. Here’s a look at how to properly set-up garbage pickup for your business.

Speak to the Landlord

Depending on the lease agreement you have with your landlord, it is either their responsibility or the responsibility of the business to remove and recycle trash. If your landlord is responsible, he may work with both a recycling company and a trash removal service. Ask him what needs to be separated for each service and where it needs to be placed. Then inform and train your employees accordingly. If it is your responsibility, go to the next step.

Contact the Department of Public Works

Contact your town, city or state Department of Public works to determine if there are any special recycling practices which must be followed. For example, environmental or hazardous waste might need to be collected by a state facility. Inform the Department of Public works about your type of business as well as what kinds of waste you have on a regular basis. They’ll then inform you of special guidelines that might apply to your business.

Trash Pickup Service

Contact a trash pickup service in your area. These private contractors will charge you based on the weight of trash that is collected from your place of business. Ask them what types of trash they haul to make sure all of your trash can be removed by them. Some services might provide recycling capabilities as well. If this is the case, ask for separate containers and bins for the recyclable materials. Determine the a trash removal schedule and enter into an agreement with the company. This contract will mostly likely have a term such as month to month, bi-yearly or yearly timeline associated with it. If they do not deal in recyclable materials, move onto the next step.

Contact a Recycling Company

If you deal in an abundance of specialized materials such as metal or wood, you may need to contact a recycling material to pickup those items. In the same manner you made a contract with a general trash removal service, enter into an agreement with the recycling company. Ask for containers and bins and how your employees should separate these items. Schedule a consistent time for pickup.

Special Circumstances

If deal with special materials such as bio-hazards or hazardous waste, then you may need to find a third specialized trash removal company for those types of items. Ask for containers and disposal procedures for that type of waste.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speak to the landlord to see who is responsible for waste removal.
  • Contact the Department of Public Works to see if there are any special recycling or trash collection procedures in your area.
  • Hire a trash pickup service that deals in general trash. They may or may not deal in recycling.
  • Hire a recycling company that deals in recyclable materials.
  • Hire a specialized waste company for trash such as bio-waste or hazardous materials.

Need Help? 

If you want to set up a trash and recycling service for your business, feel free to contact us!

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