Tips & Tricks for Approaching Construction Waste Removal in CT

construction waste removal in ct

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is an old adage that more and more businesses are learning to adopt and appreciate. The benefits a business gains from recycling has more than just an environmental impact. They also benefit financially.

Construction sites generate a lot of environmental waste, but businesses operating these sites have the advantage of being able to implement measures that will put green policies into effect early on. The more effective the disposal practices, the better chances the company will have as they embark on a mission to go green. Here are some tricks and tips businesses can employ as a part of their going green campaign on a construction site.

Construction Site Trash Disposal

1. Use a standard size for building materials in the design planning stages. This will help eliminate unnecessary spending and cut down on the amount of waste generated for trash removal.

2. Avoid buying supplies that use a lot of packaging material. Try to purchase supplies that carry reusable parts instead. Your purchasing habits will help send a strong message to suppliers and help to curb their practices so that they too will become more inclined to go green. Only purchase items that can be reused, renewed and/or recycled.

3. Secure an area to store materials that can be recycled and reused on site. This includes bits of drywall, lumber and steel. For backfill, use the waste blocks, bricks and concrete, and consider making mulch with sawdust, trees and chipped brush. Your city recycling authorities may also be able to assist you with disposing of your construction waste for cash. They might list your waste on Craigslist as there are people willing to buy construction waste.

4. Skips and bins can be placed in the recycle area, and employees must be sensitized to the importance of using these bins to dispose of waste. Different bins can be used so that plastic items have already been sorted and ready for pickup. Ensure that the bins are accessible to sanitary workers when they make their trash pickup.

5. Use the services of a recycling company to dispose of certain waste such as rechargeable batteries. Recycling companies, such as Global Environmental Services, can take care of this type of waste in a professional manner, and it is usually a free service. There are even online companies that pay people to take in old electronics that use rechargeable batteries. It is important that you know and select the right recycling companies to handle the disposal of the various types of waste produced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the standard size for building materials to prevent overspending and lessen generated waste.
  • Use waste such as bricks, blocks and concrete for backfill, and use timber and chipped brush for mulch.
  • Use recycling companies to dispose of certain waste materials.
  • Designate an area on site to store reusable waste.

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