How to Save More Money on Your Commercial Trash Disposal in CT

commercial trash disposal

If you own a business, then you know that every single expense you pay takes away from your profit. While certain costs, such as salaried employees are basically fixed, other costs, such as trash removal, are not.

One of the keys to bolstering profit is to reduce the overall amount of trash and environmental waste your company produces. Why? Because the cost of garbage pickup is usually tied to the weight of the waste. The less you have, the less you pay. Here are some ways to reduce your commercial waste.


Composting can significantly reduce your commercial waste cost if you are a food-based business. Restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops tend to have a lot of food waste. Rather than just dumping it in the trash, invest in a composting machine. The machine speeds up the process of decomposition from months to mere days by heating the garbage. This causes the enzymes to break down faster.

There a few simple rules to follow when composting. Almost anything edible can be composted. Fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grinds and tea bags are all examples.

When it comes to meat, check with your particular composting machine. You need to make sure the temperature is high enough to break down the enzymes. When in doubt, compost only previously cooked meat. Finally, most paper products can be added to the compost machine. In a few days, you’ll have wonderful fertilizer you can sell or use.

Contact a Recycling Company

Gone are the days when excess scrap materials such as metal waste, wood waste and plastic are simply hauled off to the dump. Today recycling companies will actually pay you for some of these materials. Why? Because the cost to recycle items like precious metals is far cheaper than mining for new ones.

Contact a recycling company and inform them of the type of waste you produce. They’ll direct you as to what types of materials can be reused. You might even make money on the deal actually, enhancing your bottom-line.

Read the Tax Code

Certain state and local governments actually give a tax break to companies who handle their environmental waste in a responsible manner. For instance, if you can prove that you work with a recycling company and have reduced 35 percent of your trash pickup, you might get a tax write-off worth thousands of dollars.

This is yet another way how trash removal actually makes you money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce the amount of general garbage pick-up by composting food and paper products.
  • Work with a recycling company to responsibly take care of environmental waste.
  • Read the tax code, cut your overall general trash accumulation and receive a hefty deduction for your business.

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