What is a Turn Key Recycling Program?

turn key recycling

As we become more aware of the human impact on the environment, the importance of recycling has risen to prominence. Recycling reduces the world’s dependency on new sources for paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and more. Now with Turn Key recycling programs, it has never been easier for companies and households to begin contributing to a good cause.

Turn Key Recycling in CT

Thanks to advances in recycling infrastructure, refuse and recycling in CT has been made simple. Several companies now offer both households and businesses regular Turn Key recycling services customized to their needs. Pickups can be arranged at each individual’s convenience, and typically run on a weekly basis in the same way that trash removal companies operate.

Single Stream Recycling

For those who do not have the time to sort their recycling, single stream recycling is an excellent option. Single stream recycling does not require sorting and customers can simply combine their glass, paper, plastics and more into one bin to be collected.

No more labor intensive than throwing away trash, homes and business can set up a separate recycling bin next to the trash can, and encourage family members or coworkers to begin recycling as opposed to throwing everything away. Contributing recyclables helps the environment and works to lower the cost of recyclable materials at the same time.

Advantages of Single Stream Recycling

Not only is single stream recycling easier for customers, but it has other advantages as well. Research has shown that more paper is recycled through this program. Additionally, the recycling trucks used are more efficient than other types of trucks, and are also considered safer for workers. As a customer, goods like plastic and glass food containers, cardboard boxes, paper, and metal can all be recycled.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recycling is good for the environment and takes little effort
  • Turn Key recycling programs come to your business or household
  • Single stream recycling companies are convenient for those who don’t want to sort their recycling
  • Many everyday household items like junk mail, phone books, glass and plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and other similar goods can all be recycled

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