When to Use a Roll Off Octagon Compactor

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There are a variety of waste disposal methods, but often, if your business produces high volumes of waste, these waste solutions simply do not meet the needs of your company. If you work in the construction industry, or your company produces vast amounts of waste, you could benefit from renting a roll off octagon compactor.

A roll off octagon compactor is a piece of equipment that is ideal for use in construction projects, whereby the amount of waste produced is difficult to dispose of. You can rent a roll off octagon compactor from companies that specialize in refuse and recycling in Connecticut.

What is a Roll Off Octagon Compactor?

A roll off octagon compactor is a piece of equipment, or container, that is used to store waste. These containers are ideal storage solutions for those who have a lot of waste, and, unlike other waste storage methods such as skips and waste bins, the waste is compacted.

Roll off octagon compactors come in a wide variety of sizes, which makes them ideal for business owners. No matter what size the business, there is a compactor that can suit its needs.

Octagon compactors can range in size from twenty one yards to forty five yards. They can also range from ninety inches to ninety four inches. They weigh between 3,900 pounds and 7,465 pounds.

When is it Used?

An octagon container can be used to dispose of waste in a wide variety of construction projects. They are ideal if you have a great deal of dry or wet waste.

Once the waste is placed inside the container, the structured end of the container helps to compress the waste, and provides you with more space for waste.

Compacters can be dropped off by a rental company, and emptied when you are finished with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trash removal companies can provide containers to construction sites
  • These types of waste containers are ideal for those with a limited amount of space.
  • They are neater and easier to use than open topped containers such as skips and waste bins.

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