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Seasonal Home Trash Removal in CT

Autumn brings with it a pleasant nip in the air and beautiful hues of red and brown. It also brings the problem of dry leaves scattered all over the ground. These need to be removed from the streets on a regular basis, either as a collective effort by the residents or by hiring companies that offer seasonal trash services.

Harm Caused by Leaves in the Streets

A layer of leaves that is moistened by dew can be slippery and pose a danger to pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement as well as cars on the street. As the dry leaves flutter about in the wind, there is a strong possibility that they may enter sewer drains and cause blockages. If this happens, it can be unhealthy to the residents; cleaning the drains is an expensive affair. Also, a large collection of leaves randomly strewn about the street gives an unkempt appearance to the neighborhood.

Fall Leaf Pick-Up from Homes

Besides the regular clean-up of streets during the fall, seasonal home trash removal also caters to garden waste of individual homes for an additional fee. The residents need to rake the leaves from their compound and pile them onto the street on the scheduled visiting day of the removal service.

How to Collect Seasonal Trash

After the fallen leaves are raked up from the lawn or driveway, they should be piled onto the street in a responsible manner. Leaves are usually collected into piles and kept on the curb, from where the trash removal companies pick them up. These piles should not be placed too close to sewer drains or parked vehicles. Plastic bags should not be used to hold the leaves since they are not decomposable. Dried flowers, grass clippings and small branches can be added on top of leaf piles. But certain garden waste like brush and large dry branches, and pumpkins used for Halloween decorations do not belong with a heap of leaves. They are best added to the compost pile in the garden.

Key Takeaways

  • Keeping streets free of leaves makes them safe, hygienic and tidy.
  • Residents can pile their raked leaves at the curb and use the services for home trash removal in CT.
  • These leaf piles must be neatly made far away from sewer drains and stationary vehicles.

Seasonal trash services perform an important function within a neighborhood. Their effectiveness can be improved with the help and support of residents who know and follow these guidelines.

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