Recycling / Disposal of Used Oil

Waste Oil Removal

Oil is something that never wears out. While it can get dirty it can still be recycled so that it can be cleaned and used again. Oil should never be dumped on the ground or thrown away in the trash, it can pollute water and hurt wildlife. Waste oil removal can be properly done in a few ways.

Drop Off At A Certified Collection Center

Oil can be dropped off at a certified collection center fairly easily. Each center will have different rules regarding how much can be dropped off at a time and how it should be packaged. Some centers will even pay a few cents per gallon of oil that is dropped off. It is important to note that the oil should not be mixed with anything else, such as antifreeze. If it is then it is considered contaminated and the certified collection center should be properly notified about the oil’s contents so that the proper steps can be taken to make sure that it is recycled properly.

Pick-Up By A Certified Hauler

A certified hauler can pick up used oil and properly dispose of it. The pick-up will need to be scheduled ahead of time. Most haulers will not pay the individual that is disposing of the oil any money for it, but the individual will save both time and travel expense versus having to drop the oil off themselves at a collection center. The hauler may require that you physically hand them the container of oil, while other haulers may allow you to leave it in a container outside of your doorstep. Disposing of oil properly will be good for the environment and in some instances the individual may even be paid for doing so.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oil can be disposed of at a certified collection center. You will need to contact the center beforehand to find out how much you can recycle at a time and to let them know whether it is contaminated with other ingredients or not.
  • Certified haulers can pick up used oil. You will have to schedule for pick-up ahead of time and may even need to be present to give them the oil as opposed to leaving it in a container outside of your door.

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