How to Safely Dispose of Hazardous Waste in Connecticut Homes

Maintaining a clean home is a number-one priority for residents to who want to keep their families away from potential harm caused by disease-causing germs and bacteria. However, there are things, probably hidden in the basement, stashed in the garage, or placed under the sinks that are far more dangerous than microbes.

Metal Recycling in your Home in Connecticut

Of all the items around the home that can be recycled, metal is the only material that can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it a very eco-friendly product. Metal recycling reduces demand for raw materials like coal and iron, and helps control the price of metal-based items like appliances, cars, and building…

Recycling for Beginners: How to Recycle in Connecticut

It can be difficult for beginners to determine how to best dispose of their garbage. Hazardous waste, metal recycling, and other materials are all disposed of differently. The following guidelines will detail how to recycle in Connecticut. For more tips, contact your local waste removal company.

How to Safely Dispose of Hazardous Waste in Connecticut Workplaces

In your vocation, you may have to deal with hazardous waste in the workplace. It can be difficult to know which waste is considered hazardous and how you’re supposed to properly dispose of it.

Metal Recycling in the Workplace

All workplaces can become involved in metal recycling, whether they are a small business or a large multi-national company. Every single scrap of metal can be recycled, saving on refuse costs while reducing the environmental impact of a workplace. Depending on the type of metal and the current market conditions, metal recycling can actually be…

4 Surprising Items That Can Be Recycled in Connecticut

Most people know that you can recycle glass, paper and plastic. But, there are some other less common items that never actually make it to the recycling bin. Americans generate millions of tons of trash each year, so as the world’s population increases it has become more important than ever to recycle everything we can.…

What is Made of Recycled Metal in Connecticut?

Recycled metal holds a prominent place in the world of refuse and recycling. Many everyday items are created with recycled metal in Connecticut, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

How Recycling Bulk Trash Items in CT can be Cost Effective

Recycling in Connecticut cuts costs for the state by avoiding unecessary disposal costs. Many municipalities restrict bulk waste collection or charge a fee for pickup and disposal.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste provides a philosophy for the way communities think about refuse and recycling. Through a cycle that attempts to imitate nature’s circular method of destruction and replenishment, waste management in Connecticut aims to reduce the amount of waste by finding ways to reuse as much material as possible from a product. This not only…

John’s Refuse Dumpster Rental

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