4 Surprising Items That Can Be Recycled in Connecticut

recyclingMost people know that you can recycle glass, paper and plastic. But, there are some other less common items that never actually make it to the recycling bin. Americans generate millions of tons of trash each year, so as the world’s population increases it has become more important than ever to recycle everything we can. Proper waste management in Connecticut and across America is an issue that needs to be addressed and solved as pollution continues to become more prominent. Recycling helps improve our environment and you may even get some extra cash as an added reward. Here are a few items you may not have thought to recycle.

Gift Cards

Gift Card Rescue sends you a check for your unused gift cards. Rather than letting gift cards you never use collect dust, this provides a good way to avoid filling the landfills. Gift Card Recycler offers a point system that allows you to take your used gift cards and redeem them for other items.

Wine Corks

Wine specialty stores and natural food stores often have bins for customers to bring in their old wine corks. The helps with refuse and recycling efforts and cuts down on the need to eliminate trees for something that typically gets thrown away immediately.


Computer stores, salvation shops, and even pawn shops typically offer you some cash for items you might throw away anyway. This provides you with a little extra cash and extends the use of a product to someone on a tighter budget. Waste removal companies may also have e-waste recycling options; contact a local company to find out if that is available near you.

CFL Lightbulbs

CFL lightbulbs contain mercury and should be recycled properly. Contacting a local waste removal company, such as one that handles Guilford CT trash removal, may provide leads for where you can recycle your old lightbulbs. While these lightbulbs go a long way toward conserving energy, when not disposed of properly, they create a hazard for our environment. Contact waste removal companies to find out if they collect CFL lightbulbs for recycling purposes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contact local companies to find out what products they can reuse or recycle.
  • Recycle less commonly recycled products to bring in extra income and help reduce trash.
  • Think about items that you use regularly and try to find alternative uses for them.

Need Help?

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