What is Made of Recycled Metal in Connecticut?

recycled metal in connecticut

Recycled metal holds a prominent place in the world of refuse and recycling. Many everyday items are created with recycled metal in Connecticut, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Recycled metal has the same strength and properties of newly minted metal, but without the added environmental pollution and mining efforts required to produce commercial-grade steel.

By concentrating on sustainable methods for waste recycling in Connecticut, we can enjoy a cleaner and less invasive impact on our planet.

How Common is Recycled Steel?

Recycled steel exists, at least in small part, in every metal item we purchase. Whether you buy a can of soup or a new washer and dryer, chances are that some of the steel used in the production of those items come from a recycled source. The fact is, without recycling, it would be very difficult to sustain modern levels of production. Find a waste management company to provide options for recycling your steel. Taking advantage of these recycling programs is important to reduce waste.

Items That Are Made of Recycled Steel

  • Electronic appliances such as alarm clocks, refrigerators, microwaves and even watches.
  • Bridges would be difficult and far more expensive to construct without recycled steel.
  • Motor vehicles such as your car, truck, van or motorcycle.
  • Filing cabinets and library book-stacks are commonly made with recycled steel.
  • Municipal items such as fire poles, fire hydrants, and even fire engines and emergency vehicles make use of recycled steel.

Waste management in Connecticut depends largely on the general population. Without recycling your old steel, it ends up in a landfill. The difference between creating refuse and recycling makes a huge impact on our environment. Steel doesn’t lose its strength, so it makes sense to give back when an item has reached the end of its useable life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contact your local waste management company to find out about methods to recycle items that contain steel.
  • Many everyday items are made with recycled metal in Connecticut.
  • Waste management requires the participation of the community for a successful operation.

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