How to Safely Dispose of Hazardous Waste in Connecticut Workplaces

hazardous wasteIn your vocation, you may have to deal with hazardous waste in the workplace. It can be difficult to know which waste is considered hazardous and how you’re supposed to properly dispose of it.

For health and safety reasons, and for the sake of the environment, it is imperative that hazardous waste is properly disposed of.

A waste management company can help you understand the local regulations regarding hazardous waste.

Know Which Materials are Hazardous

The first step in disposing of hazardous waste is to know what types of materials are actually considered hazardous. If you work with items that are commonly known to be hazardous materials, such as asbestos, you probably already know that this is considered hazardous waste. However, if you work with items that are not necessarily well-known as hazardous you may be disposing of them incorrectly. Hazardous waste can include pesticides, any item that contains formaldehyde, CFL light bulbs, paints that are solvent based, electrical equipment that contains hazardous parts, such as computer monitors that contain lead, batteries that contain acid, lead or cadmium, fluorescent lamps that contain mercury, and any other items that contain hazardous materials.

Separate Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials can be separated into four categories: corrosive, flammable/ignitable, toxic, and reactive waste. When disposing of hazardous waste, you must ensure that you have a separate container for each waste category, for safety reasons. Once you have four sealable containers, separate corrosive waste, toxic waste, reactive waste, and ignitable waste into the different containers. This will make it easier for a Guilford CT trash removal company – or any other local waste removal company – to remove the waste later.

Hire a Waste Removal Company

Once you have sorted out your hazardous waste into categories, you can contact a local company that specializes in waste management in Connecticut. They will come to your workplace and remove any hazardous waste you may have. They will then safely dispose of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what materials are considered hazardous.
  • Hire a waste removal company to safely remove your hazardous waste.
  • Put your waste in separate containers for safer and easier disposal.

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