Why Your Company Should Put A Lock On Your Dumpster


Many companies choose to use rental dumpsters as part of a comprehensive waste management strategy that includes recycling, composting and waste removal. While renting a dumpster is a simple, reliable way to manage your trash, it is important to secure these containers with a high-quality lock to protect yourself and your customers against problems that can arise when dumpsters are left unlocked.Here are the top five reasons why you need to lock your dumpsters:

Prevent Unauthorized Dumping

Unauthorized dumping of household goods, toxic waste and recyclables is a common problem among companies who use dumpster rentals. Unlocked dumpsters are used by both homeowners and businesses who are looking for a quick way to unload their bulky trash without having to pay a waste management company for proper removal, leaving the dumpster owner stuck with other people’s trash.

Deter ‘Dumpster Divers’ and Vandalism

Rummaging through unlocked dumpsters in search of scrap metal, reusable items and recyclables is a common practice in many areas. Also known as ‘dumpster diving’, allowing this dangerous activity can leave your company open to liability issues and vandalism; in some towns and cities, companies are required by law to keep a lock on their rental dumpsters.

Protect against Identity Theft

Dumpsters are targets for thieves; especially those looking to steal people’s identities. These criminals are looking for everything from cancelled checks to credit card numbers along with names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Discourage Wildlife Infestation

Whether your business is located in an urban, suburban or rural area, chances are good that your area is home to wildlife such as raccoons, bears, coyotes, feral cats and/or rodents. Locking your dumpster helps to discourage animals from using your trash as a place to eat, sleep or start a family.

Promote Compliance with Recycling Programs

Locking your dumpster ensures that it can only be used by your company, preventing others from using your dumpster as a place to dispose of recyclable materials like glass, metal, plastic and paper.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using a lock is a simple, effective way to manage the cost of your dumpster rentals.
  • Protecting your company from theft and liability by securing the trash is an important part of a comprehensive waste management plan.
  • Locking your rental dumpster prevents both unauthorized dumping, helping to keep your property both tidy and safe.
  • Securing your dumpster deters trespassers, wildlife and thieves.
  • Using a simple, inexpensive lock to secure your dumpster is the best way to keep your disposal area tidy, control waste management costs and protect against injury and theft.

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