How Much Garbage Does a Person Create in a Year

garbageHave you ever wondered how much garbage you, your household or business generates each year? If you have, you are not alone.

Each year, thousands of homeowners and business owners in Connecticut contact a garbage removal company for information.

According to the statistics, every person creates over 1,500 pounds of garbage each year. However, the 1,500-pound estimate may be on the low side because people produce garbage both at work and at home.

One Person Produces Over Four Pounds of Garbage Per Day

When we consider how much garbage one person creates each year, we have to take into consideration that people create garbage both at home and at work. Research confirms that just one office worker uses an estimated 5,000 cups a year and 10,000 pages of copy paper a year. As such, people are probably producing well over 1,500 pounds of garbage or more than four pounds of garbage per day.

How Recycling Helps the Environment

There are things that both homeowners and business owners in Connecticut can do to help the environment. By choosing to recycle instead of disposing of all of your garbage, you can reduce how much garbage you throw out each year. In addition, you can convert a lot of your waste into new materials that can be used to manufacture new products. Recycling not only helps reduce how much garbage is thrown out each year, recycling also helps decrease the amount of energy that is used by factories and manufacturing plants to produce new products. The benefits of recycling go well beyond reducing garbage and creating new products.

What You Can Do To Help the Environment

By choosing a garbage removal CT company that offers both residential and commercial garbage removal and recycling services, you can make a significant contribution to the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce how much garbage you produce each year
  • Create new materials with recycled goods
  • Save an unlimited number of trees each year
  • Reduce your overall environmental footprint

When it comes to garbage removal and recycling, not every garbage removal company in Connecticut is created equally. That is why so many homeowners and business owners in Connecticut choose our waste management CT company.

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