Residential Waste Management tips for Recycling at Home


If you live in an urban or suburban area with a company that offers garbage pick-up from a certified waste management company, you can sort out items from your garbage that can be recycled. Here are some residential waste management tips to get you on your way to recycling at home.

5 Tips for Recycling at Home

Use bins or boxes to sort out your recyclables

If you are planning on recycling certain items at home, it is important to ask your residential waste management company or garbage collector for some blue recycling bins for you to sort your recyclable items from your garbage. If you can’t get the blue bins, sort your paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass items in cardboard boxes.

Recycling Newspapers

If you plan to recycle old newspapers, be sure to tie them up in bundles, as this makes them easier for stacking. Newspapers are a highly popular item to recycle, because there are many types of paper products that are made from recycled newspaper, and this saves more trees.

Glass bottles and jars

When recycling glass bottles and/or jars, be sure to put them in a separate bin or box, so that they can be recycled separately from plastic, paper, or cans.

Recycling plastic bottles

Plastic soda bottles can be recycled by rinsing them out and flattening them before adding to your plastic recycling bin. However, if you like to plant flowers, or plan to start a garden, your used soda bottles can be recycled at home by simply cutting the tops of them off and planting your seedlings in them. Milk Jugs can also be recycled, simply remove the tops, rinse the jugs, and flatten them. They can be recycled with your general plastics.

Recycling aluminum and tin cans

When recycling aluminum cans, do not flatten them, because they go through the recycling machines much easier. Aluminum soda cans can either be placed in a separate bin, or taken to a recycling center and recycled for cash. However, if you want to recycle tin cans, remove the tops, bottoms, and labels from these cans. They can be flattened for easier storage and collection.

These are a few of the items that can be separated for recycling at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use blue bins provided by your local waste management company, or cardboard boxes to separate your recyclable items.
  • Tie newspapers in bundles to recycle them, and save more trees.
  • Place glass bottles and jars in a bin by themselves to be recycled.
  • Plastic soda bottles and milk jugs can be flattened and placed with general plastics.
  • Sota bottles can also be used to plant seedlings, by cutting the tops off.
  • Do not flatten aluminum soda cans before recycling.
  • Remove lids, bottoms, and labels then flatten tin cans for recycling.

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