Residential Waste Removal in Connecticut, is it Worth the Price?

residential waste management

Residential waste is solid refuse produced by routine household activities, and can include everything from meat bones and coffee filters to baby diapers and waste paper. It is worth every penny a household spends to have it collected and removed in a proper, efficient and timely manner. And in Connecticut it’s the law.

In our modern disposable culture with convenient food packaging and product wrapping, every home generates a lot of garbage from daily activities and Connecticut residents should contact a professional and experienced waste removal company to handle their waste.

What is Residential Waste?

Municipal solid waste, better known as waste or garbage, is made up of everyday items that are used and then thrown away. It can be anything discarded from our homes, schools or businesses. According to government studies, Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash in 2010.

Residential waste collection is performed under municipal contract for some city dwellers and in many areas householders can subscribe individually for their residential solid waste services. Residential waste is considered everything in the daily stream of household garbage. Usually things that are too large to fit into a curbside roller, such as home remodeling debris, old appliances, carpeting and furniture, tires and non-routine waste, are excluded from pick-up schedules.

Importance of Recycling

In the growing area of recycling, much of the waste that once was routinely tossed in the kitchen garbage can is also collected for processing and reuse. This cuts down considerably on the amount of residential waste that has to be collected and disposed of statewide.

Recyclables range from metal cans, all plastics and bottles, glass, paper to electronics. With solid waste estimated at 4.43 pounds a day per person in the United States, recycling rates are increasing. When choosing a company to handle residential waste removal, it is also important to consider its recycling capabilities.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The three Rs of waste reduction are reduce, reuse and recycle. A reputable refuse collection service will work with its customers to ensure their household garbage does not pollute the environment. For instance, a new Connecticut law went into effect recently, mandating the removal and proper recycling of all mercury thermostats in the state, because mercury is an environmental poison.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensure your discarded items are handled properly by a professional residential waste contractor
  • Illegal waste disposal can result in violations of the law and fines
  • Choose a waste collection firm experienced in handling recyclables
  • Improper garbage disposal contributes to environmental pollution

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