How Your Commercial Business Can Dispose of Large Bulk Trash Items

describe the imageLarge bulk items are more difficult to efficiently dispose of compared to other types of refuse because lifting large and heavy objects can be very difficult. Large bulk items can include doors, copiers and equipment.

When your company no longer needs these items, they need to be disposed of in an efficient and environmentally manner.

If your company has bulk items you want to dispose of, contact your local waste management company in Connecticut.

Can the Item Be Sold or Donated?

The first way to get rid of a large item is to consider whether the item can be sold or donated. Not only will this potentially earn the business money or tax credits through commercial waste management, but also it is much easier to have the items hauled away by a customer or non-profit organization.

Recycling Bulk Items

There are cases when the bulk item is inoperable and will need to be permanently disposed of. When disposing of the object, be sure to identify whether it can be recycled. In some cases, recycling is required by law to prevent toxic chemicals from affecting the environment.

Disassemble Large Bulk Items

When it can be done safely and without contaminating the surrounding area, commercial businesses should attempt to disassemble bulk items into smaller parts that can then by moved into your dumpster. Allowing your item to hauled away during your scheduled pickup day.

Having the City Pickup the Trash

For objects that cannot be realistically broken up, the company could simply leave the object next to the dumpster. One consideration is whether the garbage men will pick up the bulk item. Some cities charge a fee for this service and will require that the property owner purchase a sticker and place it on the bulk item. Other cities require that the property owner call to arrange for the bulk pickup service. But there are also cities that will dispose of large bulk items for free.

Hiring a Trash Disposal Service

If there is no service that will pick up the bulk item, another option is to hire a bulk trash disposal service. If you require a bulk pickup do not just place your item next to your dumpster, call your local waste management company in advance for prices and to schedule a pickup day. The pickup may be a different time or day from your regularly scheduled service.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your bulk item is still in good condition, donate it to a local shelter or donation center.
  • Disassemble your item before placing it in your dumpster.
  • Contact your waste management company to see if there are any fees or items required for having bulk items picked up.

Need Help?

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