How to Safely Dispose of Cell Phones

Many people question how to properly go about electronic waste disposal, especially when itrecycle old cell phonescomes to cell phones. Chances are that almost every individual has at least one broken, old or even unused cell phone in their home. Whether you are concerned about throwing away your phone for environmental reasons, or for your security, you will be happy to know that there are alternatives to holding onto your old electronics forever. 

Visit a Local Tech Shop

A variety of tech shops are now providing specific bins for electronic waste disposal. This allows individuals to go in and simply drop old phones into a bin to be properly disposed of.

Programs That Donate

In addition to the previous option, several tech companies, charities and wireless providers have programs in place that recycle your cell phones for charity. This is a great option that allows you to recycle your old phones while helping out a good cause.

Personal Security Safety

Before disposing of your cell phones appropriately for the environment, you need to be sure you data has been safely removed. It is always highly recommended to completely wipe your phone clear of any information that may have been stored on it. You should also remove any storage cards that may contain data. If your cell phone will not turn on, you should contact the carrier to find out if they can help you to erase your content another way.

You should never throw your cell phones out into an ordinary waste disposal. The chemicals from the batteries can escape from the cell phone while in a landfill. These chemicals can then eventually leak into the groundwater, poisoning the surrounding area. Be eco-friendly and safety-conscious when it comes to electronic waste disposal.

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