Recycling for Beginners: How to Recycle in Connecticut

It can be difficult for beginners to determine how to best dispose of their garbage. Hazardous waste, metal recycling, and other materials are all disposed of differently. The following guidelines will detail how to recycle in Connecticut. For more tips, contact your local waste removal company.

Recycling in Connecticut, Hanukkah Decor Made from Reused Materials

As tempting as it is to just buy the decorations you need to celebrate Hanukkah, there’s something beautiful about decorative items you created on your own or with your family. In fact, this can be a tradition in itself – creating Hanukkah decor with your loved ones is definitely something that creates beautiful memories that…

How Landfills Work

You may wonder what occurs in landfills once your garbage is removed from your home. A lot of preparation, planning and money gets put into providing and maintaining landfills, and although they are essentially piles of waste, landfills are a quality option for waste disposal. 

How to Safely Dispose of Cell Phones

Many people question how to properly go about electronic waste disposal, especially when itcomes to cell phones. Chances are that almost every individual has at least one broken, old or even unused cell phone in their home. Whether you are concerned about throwing away your phone for environmental reasons, or for your security, you will be…

Going Green in CT: 4 Recycling Opportunities You’re Missing

Many of us feel like we are doing our part when it comes to recycling by dropping our aluminum cans in the bin and leaving our plastic and glass in the special waste management container. However, there are plenty of other things that can be recycled too.

What’s the Difference Between Recycling & Single Stream Recycling?

The Importance of Packing a Zero Waste Lunch

When you pack your lunch for work or school each day, you are probably more focused on the food inside of it instead of how it impacts our environment. After all, by the time lunch rolls around, your stomach is grumbling.