Going Green in CT: 4 Recycling Opportunities You’re Missing

recycling and waste management in CT

Many of us feel like we are doing our part when it comes to recycling by dropping our aluminum cans in the bin and leaving our plastic and glass in the special waste management container. However, there are plenty of other things that can be recycled too.

By putting in a little effort, you can prevent a number of items from winding up in the landfill and maybe help others along the way!


While donating clothes to Goodwill or another charity for re-use makes sense, did you know even clothing that is too worn to wear can be recycled? These items are collected by some recycling centers and waste management companies where they are reused for a variety of purposes. Even old shoes can be recycled–the rubber from the soles is used to make tires and for insulation too.

Glasses and Hearing Aids

The Lion’s Club collects glasses to repair and give to those in the United States and around the world that may not otherwise be able to afford to buy them. There are several other charities that do the same thing. Hearing aids are recycled in the same way–your doctor may know some programs in your area where you can recycle your hearing aid and help someone else at the same time.


While it is nearly impossible to resell a used mattress, and with good reason, these large items can be recycled. Talk to your local waste management division and find out if they offer mattress recycling or know somewhere else that does. The mattress can be broken down into different parts and all recycled, including scrap metal, wood pulp and foam rubber.


Did you know that the same cork that is used to seal your bottle of wine can be recycled into flooring, walls and even cork-bottomed shoes? Find out if your local recycling center accepts cork and then start saving them!

Key Takeaways:

Remember, before you throw away anything; think about whether it might could be recycled instead! Remember these important tips before you throw away these items:

  • Even clothing that is worn out can be transformed and turned into something new.
  • Glasses and hearing aids are expensive–find an organization that collects them and reuses them for the less fortunate.
  • While used mattresses aren’t desirable for reuse for their original purpose, they can be recycled and turned into wood chips, foam products, fiber for clothes and scrap metal.
  • Those corks from your wine bottles don’t need to be dumped–they can be recycled into cork walls and floors, which are excellent alternatives to wood products.

Need Help?

Are you interested in learning more about recycling, contact us today for more tips and ways to get your recycling program up and running.


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