How Garbage Pickup Differs For Cities and Suburbs

Garbage Pickup

The public administrative bodies strive to ensure that all waste in areas under their jurisdiction is properly and hygienically stored, removed and disposed of. However, cities are quite different from the suburban areas in terms of higher traffic and pollution, lesser open spaces and smaller, apartment-style housing. Accordingly, the garbage pickup policies also differ for cities and suburbs, the main differences being highlighted below.

Garbage Pickup in Cities

  • The Council of municipality usually provides public bin collection services from centrally located pickup points. These services are usually not charged since they are paid for through taxes
  • There are no specific bags for recycling waste; clear plastic bags provided by supermarkets will suffice. Paper and cardboard can be bagged together, while plastic, glass and metal waste must be put into a different clear plastic bag. These need to be tied securely at the top.
  • In the case of garbage pickup in CT from residential curbs, each area is allocated a particular day of the week and time for collection.
  • In cities peoples homes are generally apartment blocks and each family does not have an independent yard, so there is no separate garbage pickup policy for yard waste and most waste is placed in dumpsters provided by your building.

Garbage Pickup in Suburbs

  • In suburbs houses are usually away from public roads, therefore it might not feasible for Council or municipality to assign public garbage collection services to these areas. Instead, they appoint one or more licensed or private waste removal company to pickup garbage in CT suburbs. Utilizing a waste removal company residents are able to choose the best service based on their rate of garbage production, convenience of pickup day, time and cost.
  • In most suburbs, municipalities and waste management companies have started to implement single stream recycling, providing homeowners with recycling bins where you can place all of your recyclables.
  • A particular day of the week is assigned to each area to have their garbage picked up. Unlike waste, recyclables are picked up biweekly.
  • Waste from the yard should not be mixed with other home waste. they should be stored in trash cans having an upper limit for size / weight. Specific yard haulers have to be hired to collect yard waste or take your waste to a commercial site that is designated for composting.

Key Takeaway Points:

  • Garbage pickup guidelines are not the same for cities and suburbs due to their differences in population density, housing, traffic and other factors.
  • In general, garbage pickup services in the city are provided by the city, while the suburbs have a choice of private pickup services.
  • The type of bags and bins required for recycling waste are also different in both cases.
  • Residents must comply with all these rules to ensure that their garbage is picked up on time.

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