How Can My Family Lower our Dependence on Paper Products at Home?


Lowering your dependence on paper products is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Many businesses and individuals are trying to reduce their reliance on paper products. Luckily, the expanding world of technology is making it much easier to reduce the amount of paper people use on a daily basis. However, there are still some old-fashioned tips that you can also follow in order to reduce the amount of paper you use. The less paper you use, the less waste you will create. This can result in trash removal savings, among other great benefits.

Using Technology

Using technology to replace many forms of paper correspondence is a great way to lower your family’s paper dependence. Instead of filling out paper forms, fill out electronic forms. For example, at tax time, you may want to e-file your taxes instead of filling out the lengthy tax paperwork by hand. Many doctor’s offices now also offer the option for patients to fill out e-paperwork prior to their visit. In your home life, you can opt to receive and pay your bills completely online, reducing the amount of paper your household receives. You can also start using e-mail and social media correspondence to talk to people, instead of letters. E-mail or Facebook messages are great ways to invite people to parties and other events. By using online invites, you will not only reduce your use of paper and help the environment, but save money by not buying paper invitations or postage stamps.

Traditional Tips & Tricks

Before the days of e-mail and e-paperwork, families reduced their paper dependence in other ways, which can still be used today. For example, your family should wash and use dishes instead of using paper plates. Additionally, you can use wash rags and hand towels instead of paper towels. Switching to these habits will save you money because you won’t be buying paper products at the store all the time. Your reduced amount of household waste will be great for the environment, and can save you money on garbage removal services.

Key Takeaways

  • Lowering your dependence on paper products can save you money.
  • E-filing forms and other paperwork is a great way to reduce your paper dependence.
  • Using reusable items instead of disposable items will reduce your paper dependence.

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