Benefits of Renting a Self Contained Compactor

Self Contained Compactor

Self-contained compactors are used to increase the amount of waste that can be stored in an area, cutting down on storage costs. Waste being placed inside the compactor is compressed crushing the waste to reduce the amount of square footage that the waste fills. Generally, compactors are made out of high quality steel to ensure that they do not break open and spill the trash contents. The construction of the self-contained compactors also results in low maintenance costs. If your business is considering renting compactors, contact your local waste removal company to learn about the types of compactors they offer and the benefits of utilizing a self contained compactor.

Cuts Down the Risk of Contamination

Not only does it reduce the area that waste covers but self-contained compactors help reduce the risk of contamination, by preventing waste from overflowing. Having the compactor attached to the container helps increase the amount of waste you can fit in the container.

Reduces Labor Costs

Self-contained compactors help reduce labor costs because the more waste you can place in your container, the less trips your waste removal company will have to make to your business. Which will not only cut down on cost but also make the waste easier to transport from one location to another.

Prevents Scavengers

When waste is compacted, it is less likely to be accessed by scavengers and pests. Did you know that compacting your waste actually helps control odor, making it less likely for your company to incur a costly pest infestation. By compacting your trash it makes it more difficult for criminals to access the waste, decreasing the chances that they will rummage through your dumpster.

Reduces Energy Costs

Compacting waste can actually help your company reduce your energy costs. When a larger quantity of waste can be hauled away on one truck, fewer trucks are needed to remove waste. Even though a self-contained compactor requires energy to operate it, the energy required is much lower than what is required to operate multiple waste disposal trucks. In addition, due to better technology self-contained compactors have become more efficient.

Self-Contained Compactors Are Beneficial For

While self-contained compactors are ideal for all companies that require trash compaction, they are especially useful for motels, clinics, department stores and restaurants, helping them cut down on odors and reducing the risk of pest infestations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Helps cut decrease energy costs
  • Prevents scavengers
  • Reduces waste contamination
  • Increase the amount of waste you can put in your container

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