Your Daily Checklist to Becoming a Zero Waste Company

zero waste

Being a zero waste company is a lofty, but admirable goal. This is not something that will happen overnight. However, it is possible with dedication and determination. Follow this daily checklist and you will be well on your way to meeting your zero waste goals!

Replace Disposables

Look around your company breakroom, kitchen or other areas. How many disposable products are being used that could be replaced with reusables? Think about products like coffee cups, plates, coffee filters, water bottles and bags. All of these have reusable counterparts that can be utilized to reduce your company’s waste.

Make Recycling Easy

Recycling doesn’t have to be difficult–especially if you plan ahead. Purchase, rent or otherwise obtain containers to sort your recyclables. Then, it will be easier for you and your other staff members to remember to drop recyclable products in the bin. Once you have this under control, it is easy to set out your recycling for your waste management company to stop by and pick up.

Go Paperless

Changing to a paperless office is a big job, but the amount of paper saved is huge. Additionally, it is easier to keep track of old files and you will save money by not having to purchase nearly as much paper for your office. This truly is a win-win situation for the company and the environment.

Reduce Water Usage

What are your cleaning and landscaping practices? Rethink the water you use in your day-to-day business. You may also consider switching to low-flow toilets and investing in water-saving devices on sinks too. These little changes add up and like most methods of moving towards zero waste, it saves money too.

Cut Back on Mail

How much mail do you get on a day to day basis in the office? Get off those mailing lists and keep some of those papers from ever entering the business. Then, you will not have to worry with disposing of the papers after the fact–plus, it will cut back on man hours spent opening this “junk mail” too.

Key Takeways

As you can see, there are a lot of things to keep in mind as you work towards reducing waste to the lowest possible level.

You will be able to achieve success in this very important area by remembering these steps each day:

  • Utilize more reusable products.
  • Make recycling easier by investing in the right equipment.
  • Switch to a paperless system.
  • Reduce water usage.
  • Cut back on unnecessary mail.

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