What are the Benefits of Single Stream Recycling?

What are the Benefits of Single Stream Recycling?

Single stream recycling is easy! It simply requires separation of recyclable and non-recyclable material into separate bins. Instead of sorting glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard, all those items can be placed in a single recycling bin.

What can be placed in the recycling bin?

  • cardboard, cereal boxes, clean milk cartons & clean drink boxes

  • white office paper, colored paper, scrap & shredded paper

  • envelopes, magazine, junk mail, magazines & catalogs

  • newsprint, newspaper ads & postcards

  • all plastics #’s 1-7

  • clean aluminum pots, pans, foil & cans

  • glass of all colors

Advantages of single-stream recycling include reduced sorting of materials by residents which encourages greater participation, lower collection costs because everything is placed in one bin, and collection of more kinds of recyclable materials since all items are brought back to a central facility and sorted with other like items.

If you are participating in a refuse removal program that uses single stream recycling, it’s important to remember to rinse out containers, flatten cardboard, and separate broken glass. Clean items free of contaminants allow for the greatest possible amount of material to be recycled.

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