Fall Seasonal Waste Removal Overview

Fall seasonal waste removal

Leaves are falling, the first frost has nipped the vegetable garden, and the annual flowers have all gone by. It’s time for fall cleanup! Raking the leaves and putting away patio furniture are the most obvious fall chores, but to properly tuck your yard in for the winter, here are some other things you can do:

Fall Cleanup Tips:

  • If you’ve got fruit trees, clean up all the fallen fruit and add to your compost pile or bin. If you don’t compost, use a waste removal company, that provides composting services.

  • Rake the leaves and add to the compost pile or use them to mulch around trees and shrubs.

  • If deer are a problem in your area, cover vulnerable plants (like azaleas and berry bushes) with protective netting.

  • Pull out old annuals and weeds and cut back dried perennials (like grasses, columbine, peonies, and daylilies). As long as annuals and weeds haven’t gone to seed, all of these clippings can be added to your compost pile or taken away by your waste removal company.

  • Aerate your lawn and apply a slow-release fertilizer. Aeration helps water, air, and fertilizer reach deeper into the soil, which improves the health of your lawn over time.

  • If you use an irrigation system, be sure all the water is removed from the pipes and supply lines before temperatures drop below freezing. Be sure to empty and put away hoses so that they don’t freeze and burst.

  • Clean leaf and twig debris out of gutters. This waste is likely compostable unless there are pieces of shingles and other non-organic materials mixed in.

If you’ve got a large yard and there’s more waste than you can handle, call us to get a quote for a bulk pick up of all your yard waste at once!

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