Waste Removal in Connecticut: What Materials Can Go in a Dumpster

waste removal in CT

Businesses should never handle their waste materials in a careless manner. Careless sorting can result in recyclable and hazardous materials being put in dumpsters, which is both irresponsible and dangerous. Businesses based in Connecticut should never fail to consult their trash removal companies about the materials that can be put into dumpster rentals and other information relating to waste removal in CT. Not only will this help businesses sort their waste materials better, but it will also help their trash removal companies tailor their services to the businesses’ needs.

Bearing in mind that these are not applicable to all cases, here are some general guidelines about the materials that can and cannot be put into dumpsters:

Common Materials

Most materials either cannot be recycled or are not considered hazardous can be put into the dumpster. For example, most office waste can be placed right into your waste container. However, it is important to note that most construction materials cannot be put into dumpsters. Dirt, bricks, and ceramics are a small selection of the materials that often end up being banned from dumpsters. Although some trash removal companies permit certain construction materials in their dumpsters, this is something that must be brought up during consultation.

Recyclable Materials

Although recyclable materials can often go into dumpsters, this does not mean that businesses should dump them there. The responsible thing to do is to send the recyclable materials such as asphalt, metal cans, and plastic bottles in for recycling. Waste removal companies in CT tend to be eager to make arrangements to send the recyclable waste material of their clients in to reclamation facilities.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are never permitted to be put into dumpsters because their presence is dangerous. Simply put, hazardous materials are materials that can end up hurting people. Examples include electronics, liquid paint, and industrial wastes. Once again, waste removal companies can help businesses eliminate their hazardous waste materials in a safe and responsible manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consult dumpster rental businesses to find out about their policies regarding suitable materials.
  • Most materials can be put into dumpsters. However, recyclable materials should be recycled while hazardous materials must be handled using more secure measures.

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