Waste Removal in Connecticut: The Purpose of Landfills

landfillMany people give little thought to waste removal in Connecticut once they are finished with an item.

So, what happens after a person throws away their trash? It really depends on a few factors, some of which are detailed below.

Is it Recyclable?

Today, many items are made of materials that can be recycled. In fact, as much as 32.5 percent of the 251 millions tons of waste produced by the United States is either composted or recycled. This helps keep waste removal in CT focused on dealing with only those materials that can be classified as trash. In some areas, the waste management company who handles waste removal in the community also offers drop off facilities for recyclable materials.

Can it be Composted?

Composting can be termed as being nature’s method of waste removal. Items such as yard waste and trimmings, grass clippings and the like, can be composted or processed as mulch. This mulch is often offered to the community for free, or at a reduced cost, by the waste management facility in an effort to encourage the proper disposal of these materials.

Burning is Another Option

Some of the items that are headed to landfills are diverted to burning facilities instead. These are items that can be sufficiently broken down by this process and that are otherwise hazardous to dispose of in other ways. About 12.5 percent of the waste generated in the United States is burned.

Purpose of a Landfill

The remaining trash, about 55 percent, is disposed of in landfills. Designed for waste removal in CT, landfills are typically structures lined with clay, or a synthetic liner, in order to prevent contaminating the ground water with leached materials. On top of the landfill, a layer of soil is constantly placed to help confine the trash as well as reduce the likelihood of it being exposed to the air and rain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landfills handle most of the trash generated in the United States.
  • Trash removal also consists of recycling, composting and burning.
  • Burning is typically reserved for hazardous wastes and should be handled by trained experts in trash removal in CT.

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