Waste Management: How to Make the Best of Your 96 Gallon Toter

waste management

Our waste management company in CT can help you make the most of your 96-gallon trash toter. Even though 96 gallons sounds like a huge container, it is really only about 3 times as big as a standard 30-gallon bin. A family of four or five people can easily fill (or overfill) this container every week. We think there is a better way to deal with the problem of overflowing trash than just setting bags next to the toter on trash day.

Recycle/ Reuse Items

One of the best ways to conserve space in your toter is to recycle or reuse some of the items you usually throw away. Think about the amount of room that a laundry detergent bottle or large pickle jar take up in the trash. Instead of tossing them, join a local recycling program and help the environment while reducing your trash load. There are literally hundreds of ways to reuse jars of all sizes (especially if you have a garden) and other waste like empty toilet rolls and milk jugs.

Start Composting

If you have a garden, composting your fruit and vegetable scraps can keep them out of the garbage. A compost pile will provide high-quality fertilizer or soil amendments for your vegetable or flower garden while reducing the amount of waste in your bin.


Probably the most effective way of dealing with most waste that can’t be composted or recycled is to compact it. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a compactor, you can simply reduce the physical space that a piece of waste takes up. For instance, a milk jug can be squished down to about a quarter of its size. When the top is screwed back on, it will maintain this smaller shape and take up less room in the trash. Cardboard cereal boxes are another easily compacted piece of waste that takes up a lot of space. Take the plastic bag out of the box and roll it up, then open up the bottom of the box and fold the entire box down flat. Fold it over, slip it in the trash and you’ve instantly recovered space in your 96-gallon toter.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no reason to have consistently overflowing trash bins on pick-up day.
  • Recycling/reusing items is not only great for the environment, it eliminates waste from your trash bin as well.
  • Composting vegetable waste can free up space in your trash and give you great fertilizer in return.
  • Finding ways to break down packaging into flat shapes saves space in the trash.

Need Help?

For other suggestions on how to handle your excess waste, contact us today!


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