Waste Removal in Connecticut: 12 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster This Year

waste removal in connecticut

There are plenty of reasons for you to rent a dumpster for your home or business this year. As a top waste management company in CT, we’d like to help you clear out the things that you simply don’t want or need around anymore. We’ll start you out with a list of 12 great reasons to get a dumpster, but we bet you can come up with at least 20 more!

Home Cleanout

1. Over the years things collect in our homes, it’s inevitable. Our attics and basements become collection points for all manner of things from holiday decorations to old clothing. Rent a dumpster and reclaim those areas today.

2. The garage and shed may not have as much useless clutter as the attic, but they still have their share. Get rid of those old sleds and broken down bikes and clear out room for something new!

3. During your spring cleaning you might get ambitious and do some major landscaping. Rent a dumpster to take care of all the yard waste that comes with the territory.

Straighten Up Your Business

4. Empty out that cluttered office. Get rid of all those boxes, old shelving units and excess garbage that has collected over the last year. It will make it easier for you to locate the things you need when you need them.

5. If you own a rental unit you probably already have a dumpster rental business on speed dial. Get your property ready for the new tenants by clearing out the mess from the old ones.

6. Run a retail shop? Upgrade your fixtures and furniture this year and get a brand new look and feel. Toss that stale image and old stuff in the dumpster now.

Community Causes

7. Offer to be on the clean up team of a large community event. Get a dumpster and make it a snap to remove all the waste from the area.

8. Help clean up the site of a Habitat for Humanity house or another non-profit organization.

General Clean Up

9. If you purchase a foreclosed property or inherit an estate, cleaning it up will be much easier if you have a large dumpster in the driveway.

10. Planning a renovation? Reroofing? Rent a dumpster to take care of all the building material waste.

11. Dumpsters are great for removing large amounts of waste from old on-site building too. If you have a lot of concrete, wood, cement or other debris on your property, clear it out this year.

12. Clean up after a flood. Hopefully you won’t have to do this, but if you have flood damage, getting moist materials removed from the area before mold can start to grow is a key to being able to recover faster and for less money.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several reasons to consider dumpster rentals in CT.
  • Cleaning up a property after a renovation is easier if you have one place to put all the debris.
  • Clearing out your attic or basement can help you put the space to better use.
  • Dumpsters are a great choice for business owners who need to quickly remove a large amount of old furniture or decorations.

Need Help?

Are you interested in renting a dumpster, whether it is for spring clean up, a construction project or for your commercial waste, contact us today!


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