Things to Consider When Picking a Trash Removal Company in CT

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Whether you own your own business or have decided to purchase a trash removal company for your residential home, there are some things to consider before hiring a company. Here is a look at what you should reconcile before signing on the bottom line with a new trash removal company in CT.

Types of Waste

Determine what types of waste you have on a regular basis. The average homeowner will have food waste, paper products, bottles and cans, and some plastic products. However, an industrial company, such as a construction site, will have scrap metal, wood and plastic piping among other things. You need to identify your type of waste so you contact the right company and inquire about the correct service.

Frequency of Service

Many people can wait between one and two weeks to have household trash removed. People usually store it in the basement or in cans behind their home before it is picked up. However, if you are a business such as a restaurant, you might need service a few times a week, if not daily. It is important to determine the frequency of the service you need, so you are not paying extra for those pick ups where you containers weren’t full or you have to pay a fee because your dumpster was overflowing.


No matter what type of trash removal company you hire, recycling is required by law in Connecticut. However, some trash removal services require you to separate your recyclable materials, while others perform the service for you. Most cities and towns throughout Connecticut utilize the process of single stream recycling where residents can place all recyclable materials in one container. Ask about how much it costs for various tiers of service to see what is right for your situation.

Hazardous Waste

Many residential homeowners will only have occasional hazardous waste such as leftover paint or an automotive oil container. In those instances, the trash removal service may designate a special day or have a drop-off location. However, other businesses such as medical facilities will have bio-hazardous waste that needs to be removed several times a week. Check with the trash company to see if they provide special services such as hazardous or bio-hazardous waste removal in the frequency you require.


Cost is obviously a major factor in determining who to choose. Nevertheless, remember the old adage you get what you pay for when making your selection. A company that is a little more expensive, but has a better reputation might be a better choice over one who is cheaper.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine the type of trash you need to eliminate.
  • Determine the frequency that you need service.
  • Ask about special services such as removing hazardous waste, if pertinent.
  • Weigh the cost-factor associated with each company you are considering.

Need Help?

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