Sustainability: Reduce & Reuse to start Saving Your Company Money

Sustainability: Reduce & Reuse to start Saving Your Company Money

The environmental and financial benefits of recycling business waste are widely known. Reducing and reusing are just as effective at reducing overheads and carbon footprint. Simple changes can have a dramatically positive effect, stating today.

Reducing involves both using less and creating less. Implement policies that use less. Obtain staff commitment by asking for suggestions, or task each department with identifying ways they can reduce waste. 

Changes You Can Make Today

  • double-sided printing
  • refilling toner cartridges
  • turning off lights and equipment when not in use
  • stop supplying plastic cups and mugs for staff

Changes You Can Begin to Make (these take more time)

  • reducing the packaging on your own product
  • reviewing stock control and making the procurement process more effective
  • checking with suppliers to see if packaging can be reduced
  • reviewing production processes to find where fewer supplies, energy or equipment is needed
  • working from home
  • Using lower energy equipment
  • Choosing more efficient company cars with lower emissions

Reusing what was once considered waste is both personally and economically satisfying. Again, start with small changes that bring immediate results.

Immediate Strategies for Reuse 

  • use scrap paper as note-paper
  • use washable mugs and cups for staff
  • shred waste paper, envelopes and other suitable paper to use as packaging
  • encourage a culture where staff think whether something can be reused before it is thrown away

Longer term changes can include:

  • using grey-water for toilets
  • give unwanted or obsolete equipment to charities

Reusable Waste

Contact your Chamber of Commerce to see if there is a forum where businesses can sell or exchange useable waste, or if one can be set up. This exists in California as the California Materials Exchange (CalMAX)

Reducing and reusing will save trash removal costs, and also show that your company is one that cares about reducing environmental waste and landfill. Taking advantage of government incentive to use renewable energy systems can also cut costs and leave cleaner waste.

Reducing and reusing can be as simple as turning a piece of paper over, but with benefits that reach forward for generations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reducing involves both using and creating less waste
  • Reusing cuts down on costs for your company
  • Contact your local chamber of commerce to see if there is a forum where businesses can sell or exhange useable waste. 

Need Help?

If your company is interested in implementing recycling programs that can save money, contact us today.

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