How Your Business is Losing Money By Not Recycling

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Recycling is seen by many to be an ethical practice to be applied to all aspects of our life. Recycling used materials will allow for the reuse of certain products as well as assist in the production of new materials. However, recycling also has more immediate and practical benefits for businesses.

Save Money By Recycling

Failing to recycle waste leads to unnecessary costs for businesses. Businesses must find a way to dispose of their waste. This is an especially big problem for businesses that generate a lot of waste. Anyone who has lifted a full garbage bag knows that waste can become very heavy. The vehicles needed to transport this waste will need more power in order to handle the force of the heavy trash placed on them.

For this reason, waste disposal can become very expensive. Transportation vehicles will need to spend more in order to carry the trash. When the trash increases in quantity, more vehicles will be needed to transport the waste.

Cut Costs by Reducing Weight

One of the most effective ways to cut the amount of waste that must be transported is to recycle as much as possible. Steel objects are fully recyclable and are among the heaviest objects in garbage piles. However, even objects that do not seem heavy can quickly add up and cost businesses a lot of money.

The extra weight not only increases the amount of money that must be spent on transportation, but also increases the carbon footprint that the business places on the Earth. Vehicles used to transport the waste release carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. Businesses that do not curb their carbon emissions risk having government penalties placed upon them.

Reduce Landfills and Build Lighter Cars

Glass can make up 6 percent of the weight of the total landfill, while plastic can consist of about 10 percent. These products do not break down easily, like many organic products, and will instead stay in the landfills for a long period.

Recycled plastics are used in the construction of lightweight cars that are able to get improved gas mileage. Using automotive plastics also reduces the amount of steel and other materials that must be used.

Key Takeaways:

  • Failing to recycle creates unnecessary costs for business.
  • Recycling reduces the weight of your trash disposal each week. 

Need Help?

If your company is interested in implementing a recycling program but is having trouble getting started, contact us today. 


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