Encourage Your Employees to Recycle (It’ll Save Your Company Money!)

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Recycling not only helps the environment but can help a business decrease is costs. By encouraging employees to recycle, a business will decrease the cost for trash disposal companies Connecticut. Garbage collectors typically charge less for picking up recycled trash than normal trash pickup. To recycle effectively, a business will need to follow a series of steps.

Develop a Plan

Saving money by encouraging employees to recycle may require developing a waste management program for your business. This is done by selecting a person to be the coordinator of the program and discussing a set of goals. This includes identifying the materials to be recycled and implementing a strategy. The last step is to get the new waste management program online.

Be Creative

Recycling in an office is easier for employees when it is convenient. This means placing containers that are used for paper near their desks. The paper that is deposited into the containers can then be collected at the end of the day. A separate bin can be placed next to a printer or copier for the toner cartridge.

Buy Recycled Products

Saving money by recycling is complete when your business begins buying recycled products. That includes copier paper, computer paper and general office paper. Other products will include packing material and even toilet paper. Other types of recycled products that can be purchased are cartridges used with printers and copiers. Office furniture that uses recycled materials can also be found.

Public Relations Benefits

Companies that advertise the use of recycled products or the use of a recycling program may gain increased business in an environmentally friendly culture. By encouraging employees to recycle, a business can see the potential of increasing its customer base.

Additional Information

Encouraging employees to recycle allows a business to decrease the size of its trash containers. This is a good way to reduce costs as the amount of trash is smaller and the pickup frequency is lower. Fees for garbage trash removal Connecticut may be reduced or even eliminated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing waste management plan
  • Being creative with recycling
  • Buying recycled products
  • Public relations benefits
  • Reducing trash collection costs

Need Help?

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