Determining What Size Trash Container You Need

Garbage cans are crucial in any environment as they help in maintaining general cleanliness. There are many factors that you should consider when determining the right size of garbage container to use, either inside or outside the house. This may include an analysis of materials, stability, size and simplicity among other factors.

Available Space

You should determine the quantity of storage you need and how regularly you are going to empty your garbage. Furthermore, you should also check the available space you have. A big garbage can might be beneficial in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, but it may inhibit movement.

In such a case, a small trash can that easily fits under the sink is better, but regular emptying is necessary. In bedrooms and bathrooms, emphasis is normally on a small container. However, outdoor waste disposal requires a larger garbage can.

Depending on the size of your family and also how often your trash removal company picks up will determine what size you’ll need. Most larger families require the largest container, some even requiring two. 

Empty-nest parents or young couples more likely need the smallest of the containers, as they’re not disposing of as much waste.

Also, if you have a garbage disposal in your home, this will cut down your trash generation significantly, and most times, can even result in the necessity of a smaller container.


Plastic garbage containers are long-lasting and also protect the floor when wet waste materials are disposed in them. Actually, most metal-looking cans are lined with some plastic so as to ward off rusting. Most people prefer appealing wicker cans to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms and these are also plastic-lined so as to prevent odor and protect the trash materials. Hence, the size of garbage can you choose should be in line with the function you want.


Another important factor is simplicity. It should be simple to throw away trash once it has accumulated in the garbage container. This means you should consider how simple it is to take out your trash. A bigger garbage container would require more effort than a smaller one.


Heavy items can easily tip over small trash receptacles. This means that the content of the trash will also affect your decision. A big garbage can is usually more stable as compared to a small one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Size of family will determine what size container you will need for curbside pickup.
  • Garbage disposals significantly reduce your trash generation, resulting in the need for a small container. 
  • Remember to place your can on flat surfaces to determine whether there are any defects that may cause tipping and problematic garbage spills.
  • Choose a garbage can of suitable size that allows easy disposal without much effort.
  • When buying an outdoor garbage can, look for one that has a lid in order to prevent unwanted animal visitors.

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