Compactor Rentals in CT: 9 Trash Compactor Questions to Ask!

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Trash compactors are essential to the success of many businesses. Even when companies put into place top-notch recycling and reuse practices, there is still going to be some waste. A trash compactor will help limit the space that waste takes up, allowing for less frequent trips from your waste management company in Connecticut to remove the trash. Here’s a look at 9 questions you should ask before obtaining a trash compactor for your business.

1. What Type of Facility Will Be Using the Trash Compactor?

Knowing what industry and type of facility will be using the compactor, will make a difference determining which model is best for your business. For example, an industrial site can have a compactor that is visible, while a restaurant will not want the compactor to be seen by customers.

2. How Much Waste is Being Generated?

Depending on the amount of waste your company generates, the size and model of the trash compactor will be determined. Or, a waste management company may decide that you actually don’t have enough waste to warrant one.

3. What Type of Materials Will Be Placed Inside?

A compactor that is made for glass will be different than those that process paper products. Knowing what materials your business will commonly place in the compactor, can give your waste management company a better idea of which type of compactor you will benefit from.

4. Where is the Trash Being Generated?

Knowing where the trash is generated will determine the best area to place the unit. Additionally, if vermin are an issue there, precautions might be taken to keep them out of the unit.

5. Are there space limitations that need to be addressed?

Do you have any space limitations? Maybe you cannot put a compactor where it is ideal. In this case a chute or conveyor belt might be employed to get around the issue.

6. Do You Have a Current Waste Hauler?

If so, how frequent is the service. This might determine the size of the unit you need. A business with waste removal weekly might need a smaller trash compactor than those with monthly service.

7. How Much of Your Trash is Recyclable?

Knowing how much of your trash is recyclable, will help determine the type of unit you need and how it is processed before being removed from the business site.

8. Does Your Unit Require Special Features?

Bottles, shredders or machines that handle oil are examples of special features that may be needed for your trash compactor.

9. How Important is Durability or Reliability?

If you have a long-standing business, then you want a unit that will be with you for years to come. However, if you’re business is operating at a construction site for the short-term, then maybe a used unit will save you money and get the job done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calculate the amount of waste generated so you obtain the correct size compactor.
  • Determine the type of materials placed inside each unit.
  • Locate where the unit will be placed. This may or may not matter to some business owners.
  • Find if there are any space limitations that need to be addressed with add-ons like a chute.
  • Calculate how much of your waste is recyclables.
  • Figure if you need any special features such as a glass shredder for waste.

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