Benefits of Hiring a Private Waste Management Company in Connecticut

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It’s a simple fact that the sheer volume of waste we produce is one of the biggest problems humanity is currently facing. Despite the fact that Americans currently recycle around one-third of our waste, our landfills are still filling up at alarming rates and we’re quickly running out of places to store all that we throw away—not to mention the ground and water pollution that results from these landfills.

The biggest issue is that most of us are not doing enough to sort and recycle our waste, instead simply throwing out the whole lot and letting our trash collectors take it away to be buried. When it comes to our waste, it’s pretty much “out of sight, out of mind,” which is where most of the problem stems from.

That, and the fact that our municipal waste management companies do no more with our waste than simply pick it up and dump it, when there are so many other things they could be doing with it. In other countries, they’ve found ways to cleanly burn waste to generate heat or other useful alternatives, where we simply bury it in a whole in the ground and pretend it isn’t a problem.

However, there are finally a few private waste management companies in Connecticut and elsewhere in the country that are starting to take the initiative and try to help homes and businesses reduce waste. Of course, the first step always begins with the individual, as it’s important to sort out all recyclables, no matter which company handles your waste.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

While it’s incredibly important to recycle as much as possible, even the most diligent people still throw out things that can be recycled or reused, and it’s what happens to these waste items that really separates private waste management companies from your standard municipal waste collectors.

As mentioned, most of our cities simply take the waste to a landfill, whereas some private waste companies take a few extra steps. After being collected, the waste is then sorted so that any compostable items are composted, recyclables recycled, etc. The remaining amount of waste is usually only a tiny fraction of what was originally collected, and this is then compacted to take up less space when it’s finally taken to the landfill.

So, by hiring a private waste management company, you can quite easily bring your home or business much closer to achieving the goal of zero waste and help do your part to preserve the planet for future generations.

Hiring a private waste management company isn’t only about protecting the environment; there are also a number of other major benefits that go along with it. Some of the other advantages include:

More Customizable Waste Collection Options

Private waste companies can meet any and all of your needs, no matter what they may be—from simple yard waste to concrete, construction waste to metal, or even if you just need an extra waste pick-up after cleaning out the house.

Support Your Local Economy

Unlike municipal waste, which is usually run by large multinational corporations, most private waste contractors are local, often family-run businesses, whose owners and employees live in the area—meaning your money stays in the community.

Competitive Prices

Despite being much more environmentally friendly and taking the extra steps, many private waste companies still offer very competitive prices so you don’t get penalized for wanting to do your part in reducing the waste problem.


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