10 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

recycling paper

You do your part by recycling paper, bottles and cans, and even composting; but you may be surprised at some of the other ways you can help to save the earth through recycling.

10 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle:

  1. Pantyhose! Return worn out hose to No Nonsense, a pantyhose company that participates in a recycling program that turns old hosiery into park benches, carpet, playground equipment, and toys!

  2. Wine corks! ReCork grinds up corks and uses the material to make products like new shoes, and Yemm & Hart turns wine and champagne corks into tiles used for flooring and wall coverings.

  3. Running shoes! Drop off your old running shoes (any brand) at one of Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe Program locations. Used shoes are ground down and used as a surfacing material for tracks, courts, and sports fields.

  4. Water filters! Brita and Zero Water both offer recycling programs for their water filters. To recycle your Brita filter, either mail it in, or drop off at a Whole Foods store. To recycle a Zero Water filter, mail it in and receive a $10 coupon code as an added bonus!

  5. Hair dryers! Mail Folica hair dryers back to the company for recycling and receive $40 off the purchase of a new Folica dryer.

  6. Yoga mats! Recycle your sweaty old yoga mat (after you wash it, of course) by sending it in or dropping it off at Recycle Your Mat!

  7. Golf balls! Drop off used golf balls at a Dixon Golf retail store for recycling and get a credit of $6 per dozen towards the purchase of new Dixon Earth balls.

  8. Blue jeans! Through the Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling program, millions of pairs of blue jeans are kept out of landfills and recycled into eco-friendly, home insulation.

  9. Toothbrushes! Preserve’s Gimme 5 program creates toothbrushes from recycled #5 plastic yogurt cups. Then, when you are finished with your toothbrush, email the company for a prepaid postage label to return the toothbrush for recycling.

  10. Cosmetics packaging! MAC, Origins, and Aveda all offer recycling programs for cosmetics containers that are often not recognized as recyclable. Mail MAC packaging back to the company and receive a free lipstick for your efforts. Origins accepts their own (and competitors) packaging materials through their mail-in recycling program. Aveda encourages consumers to return packaging materials to any of their Experience Center locations.


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