Waste Removal in Connecticut: 3 Benefits of Waste Reduction

waste removal in CT

Until recently most companies have not paid a lot of attention to disposing waste or waste reduction. In the past it was fairly easy and cheap to dispose of waste. Unfortunately, times have changed and many companies are looking at the waste they produce differently. If you are trying to cut costs as well as the amount of waste that your company produces, there are several things to consider.


Besides the benefit of cheaper costs, companies who try to limit the amount of waste they produce will be seen as environmentally responsible. This may help them obtain environmentally conscious customers.

Waste Prevention

The best way to reduce the cost of disposing waste, is to limit the amount of waste that is being disposed of in the first place. This may mean adopting new company practices or utilizing different materials that do not generate as much waste. Companies can decrease the amount of waste generated by utilizing reusable products and/or purchasing energy saving equipment that will not need to be replaced often.


It is always a good idea to recycle any waste that cannot be reused. This will cut costs associated with disposing waste and it will help increase the amount of recyclables that being recycled. Common items that can be recycled include:

  • cardboard
  • paper
  • cans

To learn more about what can and cannot be recycled and how to recycle items, contact your local recycling center or waste management company in CT.


Composting is often an overlooked aspect of waste reduction. Items such as grass clippings and tree branches easily can be composted. For example, grass clippings can simply be left on the lawn after the grass is cut and tree trimmings can be placed in a pile to compost over time. By taking advantage of these simple compost techniques, companies can save quite a bit of money when it comes to waste disposal.

Key Takeways:

Many businesses are trying to cut costs wherever they can. In some cases they can save a drastic amount of money by reducing the amount that is spent on disposing of waste. To lessen these costs it is important too:

  • Remember that even a little bit of waste reduction can save a lot of money
  • Waste prevention is one of the keys to cutting costs
  • Recycling is a viable alternative to disposing of some wastes
  • Composting is a great alternative to throwing away items such as leaves or grass clippings

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