Trends in Food Waste Management

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Whether you are a homeowner or running a business, there are services available that can help you to remove and dispose of food waste in a safe and effective way. From companies that will dispose of food waste via conventional waste management channels to companies that will recycle your waste, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

Need for Food Waste Management Services

If you are running a business in the food industry, you know how important it is to use a reliable waste management company that will dispose of your food waste properly. Food waste that’s left on the premises not only causes unpleasant odors but can also be a health hazard, attracting flies, rats and other vermin.

Recycling Food Waste

As with most other waste, food waste can be dumped in landfills. Both these methods, however, can result in increased environmental pollution, such as smoke from incinerators or odor and seepage from landfill.

An increasing trend in food waste management is recycling. Food waste can be recycled as animal feed or composted (biodegraded) and used for soil enrichment. Some types of food waste can be converted into fuel.

Increasingly, efforts are being made by various municipal bodies to encourage homeowners to compost their own food waste, for example by making composting containers available or by offering financial incentives. Composting at home is not a viable option for every household; those who do not have the space or resources to compost their own food waste can have it collected by a company that will recycle it for them.

Businesses can also arrange to have their food waste recycled in a variety of different ways. Food waste can composted, can later be used as fertilizer, turned into animal feed or converted into fuels.

Fats, oils and greases are often recycled separately. Yellow grease that is used fryer oil that has not been contaminated by other types of waste, can be processed into biodiesel. Fats, oils and greases that have been contaminated by being mixed with other types of waste (including chemicals and cleaning produces) are known as brown grease; this is harder to recycle but can still be useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food waste management services can supplement or replace municipal waste management
  • Current trends are towards recycling rather than dumping food waste
  • The use of food waste for biodiesel and other fuels is a growing trend.

Need Help?

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