Single Stream Recycling in Connecticut

single stream recycling

A New Way to Recycle

Single stream recycling is a recycling system where all recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, and metals can be put together in the same container for transportation to recycling facilities. Once the recyclable materials arrive at the recycling facilities, specially designed and built machines can separate the single stream of materials into the appropriate categories for separate handling. Single stream recycling is a boon for all parties involved in the recycling process, from individual households to trash removal companies and even the towns that use this system.

Single Stream Recycling in Connecticut

The process of handling refuse and recycling in Connecticut has become much more convenient since the introduction of single stream recycling. Households, businesses, and non-profit organizations can now simply put all of their recyclable materials into one single recycling bin without needing to first sort those materials manually. Its ease and simplicity has led to an increase in the practice of recycling in the state of Connecticut.

Advantages of Single Stream Recycling

As mentioned, all parties involved in the recycling process can benefit from the adoption of single stream recycling. Here are some of the benefits that these parties receive from this system:


Private households find the new recycling procedures much more convenient due to the elimination of the need to sort recyclable materials and put them into separate containers. Furthermore, the wheeled barrels used for recyclable materials in Connecticut help eliminate litter because they come with sealable lids.

Less Trash

Towns benefit because there is now less trash disposal that needs to be handled. Trash removal services, like Clinton CT trash pickup companies, gain because the single stream recycling system helps make their routes more efficient by reducing fuel consumption and the potential for worker injuries.

Increase in Recycling

The state of Connecticut gains because the adoption of the single stream recycling system has led to an increase in the recycling rate among Connecticut residents. Furthermore, increased recycling means that Connecticut residents are no longer sending as much garbage to landfills and trash-to-energy facilities. This increase in recycling means that Connecticut is using fewer raw materials overall and is therefore helping the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Single stream recycling is the process of putting all recyclable materials in the same container so that automated machines can sort them for separate handling later.
  • Single stream recycling makes recycling more convenient for residents, cheaper for trash collection services, and helps the environment.

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