Going Green: Cleaning Products that Won’t Hurt the Environment

mop and bucketAs much as you hate it, cleaning is a fact of life. From washing your baseboards to scrubbing your counters and even cleaning your stove, it is important that you keep things clean so that your family stays healthy and you can enjoy your surroundings.

Keeping things clean does not mean that you have to use a strong, dangerous chemical solution from the store. Many green cleaning products work just as well as the traditional products and they do so without harming the environment.

Learn about some of the commercial products available as well as the do-it-yourself cleaning solutions that you can prepare yourself.

Simple Cleaning Solutions

Some of the best cleaning products are simple, natural products that are in your home anyway. Use lemons to freshen a drain, baking soda or salt to scrub grime out of your tub and vinegar to make your chrome and windows shine.

The benefits to these products are two-fold. Not only are you going green when you use them, but you will save money too. Vinegar, lemons and baking soda are considerably less expensive than those chemical-filled commercial cleaners.

Make Your Own Cleaners

With a little more effort, you can mix some common ingredients and make your own cleaners. You can make glass cleaner, detergent, antibacterial cleaners and other products. Pinterest is a great place to look for homemade cleaner ideas. These products are better for the environment than their commercial counterparts and fun to make too.

Green Products on the Market

While there are a number of green or eco-friendly cleaners on the market that are made with earth friendly materials. Often times you have the ability to mix a small amount of the solution with warm water. Therefore, you can make a lot of cleaner for a very little cost.

No matter what cleaning project is on your to-do list today, you can work at “going green” while you are “going clean!” Keep in mind these tips and you’ll be able to get things clean without harming the environment.

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