Why Organic Recycling is the Future

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2010 more that two-thirds of the total municipal waste generated in the U.S. was organic material such as food scraps, wood and plant materials. As the price of waste disposal continues to increase along with public pressure to eliminate landfills and garbage incinerators, recycling organic waste is…

How Do I Know If My Waste is Hazardous?

If your company is having difficulty deciding what is and what isn’t hazardous waste, there are ways to determine this. Even homeowner’s with their own private environmental waste will need to know if what they are disposing of is hazardous or not. The RCRA, or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, determines first if it is…

What is Environmental Sustainability?

How Can My Business Practice Environmental Sustainability?

The green movement is a planet wide initiative to change the way we behave and make sure that our children are left with a better environment than we inherited from our parents.