Saving Money with Construction Site Trash Disposal & Recycling in CT

It costs money to properly dispose of construction waste, since approximately 6lbs/sq ft of waste is generated in every construction site. To reduce this cost, a construction company must employ certain trash disposal and recycling practices that will significantly reduce the amount of waste generated in every square foot of the construction site.

How to Recycle Drywall

Did you know that gypsum drywall is 100% recyclable? Gypsum Recycling International, one of the largest processors of recycled gypsum in the world, estimates that 40,000 tons of drywall are sent to landfills each day. That’s equivalent to sending 40,000 cars to the dump each day!

What is Special Waste in Connecticut?

You have likely heard the term, “Special waste” before and may have wondered what it meant. Special waste consists of things that cannot be placed in just any ordinary landfill or garbage without consideration due to its hazardous elements. These items can often be found in the household, garage and workplace. Waste doesn’t always consist…

What You Need to Know Before Beginning a Construction Demolition

A major part of your construction demolition is the waste that comes from it. Prior to starting the project, it is critical for you to consider three things to ensure that you have an appropriate and effective waste management plan put into place. After all, you cannot start a construction demolition project without ensuring that…

The Top 4 Challenges Associated with Managing Your Construction Waste

For anyone who’s in construction, or has ever done any remodeling or landscaping for that matter, you already know just how quickly the waste materials can start to pile up, especially during demolition projects.