5 Steps to Help Pitch an Apartment Recycling Program in Connecticut

apartment recycling

If you’re thinking about trying to start a recycling program in your apartment building or community there are a few things you should do to get your property manager to take you seriously. Getting support and having the facts will go a long way toward getting your apartment community on the green wagon.

Gain Support

Without the support of other members in your building or complex there is no way that your property management company is going to take you seriously. Talk to your neighbors and compile a list of interested people. The more people you have on your list, the better chance management will take you seriously about implementing an apartment recycling program.

Compare Your Plan With Others

Look around at other apartment complexes in your area. Find out what they are doing and what company they are using for their recycling project. If you can point your management to a waste management company that is already being used by other complexes in the area, that will give you some added pull.

Get the Facts

Hit the facts hard. Find out how much money it’s going to cost, or hopefully how much it’s going to save to implement the changes to waste removal program that is currently being used. If you have more than one option for recycling providers, get quotes from both. The more facts you’ve got behind your request, the more likely it will be granted (especially if it saves money in the long term).

Approach Management

Create a letter that introduces your recycling program pitch to the management company. Have as many of the residents that support your proposal sign it below your name.

Don’t Give Up

Be persistent. Once you’ve put in your proposal you might be brushed off. Make it a point to bring up the program and the progress that is being made on it at every chance you get. People don’t like change, especially those in management. It may take a while to get your plan passed but it will be worth it when it does.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gauge the interest in your community before you attempt to pursue a recycling program.
  • Research a waste management company in CT, maybe more.
  • Collect data that backs up your claims that recycling is good for the community.
  • Bring your entire case to the management with as much support as possible.
  • Be persistent.

Need Help?

If recycling is something you are interested in but are having trouble getting started, contact us today!
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