4 Questions to Ask a Potential Waste Removal Service Provider

waste managementChoosing the right commercial waste removal company is an important task.

When choosing a company, you will want to look for a waste removal company that’s able to dispose of needed items, as well as keeping your workplace neat and clean.

Not every commercial waste removal firm works for every company, and it is not always easy to change to another provider without the added hassle and extra work.

Asking the right questions before you sign the contract can save you time, money and a tremendous amount of difficulty.

When Does Normal Waste Pick-Up Occur?

Every company operates on a different schedule. Do you need once-a-week pick-up or more often? Would it be better if pick-up occurred outside of your normal operating hours?

Find out if the commercial waste removal company you are considering has a flexible pick-up schedule, or if you are must work with their current plan. These are all important considerations.

What Disposal Units Does the Company Provide?

Does the company provide dumpsters or are they an added cost? If you are using a dumpster, will it fit in the space you have available on the property. If your chosen company offers recycling services, will those bins be provided as well? Understanding what options are available to you is very important.

Are Additional Services Available if Needed?

Does your business have certain months or seasons that you generate more waste or recycling, or is there a chance that you may wind up with more waste unexpectedly?

Some companies will let you schedule an additional pick-up while others do not offer this option. Discuss these possibilities ahead of time so that you can do not find yourself without service when you need it the most.

What Items are Included in Waste Pick-Up?

Every waste removal company has different policies regarding what they will and will not pick up. Some of these policies are dictated by local ordinances, but some policies may vary from company to company. If you have any requirements, it is important that you discuss these ahead of time, that way you will not wind up with waste which you have no way to dispose.

Key Takeaways:

Before you sign a contract with a potential commercial waste removal company, it is important you ask questions that help you understand the following points:

  • When waste is picked up
  • What disposal units are available
  • What the procedures are for requesting additional service
  • What items the waste removal company handles

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