15 Tips for Effective Waste Reduction in Connecticut

waste reduction in Connecticut

There is more waste production today than there ever has been in the past.

While recycling and reusing materials are both positive things, one of the easiest things you can do to help protect the planet from this waste epidemic is to reduce the amount of waste you produce and contribute to the ecosystem.

Keep these waste reduction tips in mind and you will find that you can “go green” and possibly reduce your waste removal costs too!

Take Your Name Off Mailing Lists

Think about that junk mail you get on a daily basis–is there any you can reduce or eliminate? Removing your name from lists can make a big difference.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Those magazines that you never read and catalogues you do not order from are generating unneeded waste. Cancelling these can reduce waste and also save money.

Borrow and Rent When Possible

Instead of buying a tool or kitchen implement you may only need once, see if you can borrow or rent it and keep more items from coming into your home or place of business.

Buy Quality Products

Along the same lines, buying quality products can reduce waste. When you buy low-quality products and then replace them later that generates extra waste.

Use Reusable Mugs

Each day when you buy your morning coffee, bring a reusable mug. Not only do you prevent waste, some coffee shops offer a discount.

Cut Down on Use of Paper Towels

Keep a dishcloth in your kitchen to clean up quick spills and use cloth napkins for dinner to reduce your paper waste.

Choose Green Bathroom Tissue

While the thick, plush bathroom tissue may be nice, a thin, eco-friendly brand can greatly reduce waste in this area.

Print on Both Sides of Paper

Many printers print on both sides of the paper–this can cut your paper usage in half.

Give Green Gifts

When giving gifts, think green! Not only will your gift reduce waste, but you will send a message to the recipient that you care about the earth.

Utilize Green Gift Wrap

Either eliminate gift wrap or choose paper made of recycled materials.

Sell, Give Away or Donate

Instead of throwing away outdated or unused items–find them a new home.


Instead of throwing away food rubbish, compost it instead. It creates high-quality soil for planting and prevents garbage from entering the landfill.

Choose Products that Use Less Packaging

In most products, you have an alternative. Choose the brand that produces less package waste or has recyclable packaging.

Repurpose When Possible

Sending empty paper towel tubes to a school for use in a science project or making a collage out of old magazine gives a second life to things that would otherwise wind up in the landfill.

Reuse Boxes

Instead of buying a new box for shipping or moving, find a clean, used box to reuse. This is another way to save money and save the environment.

Key Takeaways:

As you can see, there are many things you can do to reduce waste. Most of them fall into one of these three categories:

  • Reusing or repurposing materials
  • Eliminating the products that come into your home
  • Making wise product choices

Keep these three things in mind with all your decisions, and you will easily reduce the waste you generate.


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